I imagine if you’re reading this you’re looking for a photographer. It is quiet a daunting task, I often compare it to going mattress shopping. After about an hour you have tried every mattress in the store and can’t remember which is which. Well read on, hopefully I can make this a little easier for you.

If you’re looking for an experience, a laugh and a bit of an adventure, (Oh and of course some awesome photos along the way) you have found the right mattress.

Hi, I am Trent and pictured is my beautiful wife Dianna. It was about this time on our trip to New Zealand where she banned me from making any more pitt stops to take photos. Yep, something I simply can not stop doing. I am drawn to the natural lines surrounding us and the way light shapes and shifts. Something that you will see throughout my photography.

I didn’t exactly grow up dreaming of being a photographer, quiet the opposite really. I imagined myself working in the big city, wearing a suit and working as an architect or something. I was always a creative kid, I just never knew how to apply it. I still remeber my year 10 careers advisor telling me there was no career in photography. I ended up doing a University Degree in Graphic Design. Naturally, I fell in love with design and learnt how to express my creativity. As great as it was, I wanted something more. Wedding photography was something that just happened, it felt natural.

My approach is a simple one really, I rely on trust. Every couple has a unique connection with their partner. A crucial part of the process is to allow this interaction to happen naturally without any interference. This is something that only occurs when my clients feel comfortable in their surroundings. So don’t be shy, drop me a line and say hello.